The importance of a memorial is a means of commemorating the life of a loved one, acting as a focus for grief initially. And then in years to come as a historical record.

We can supply any type of memorial. The most common types are lawn headstones, Cremation tablets and vases. These memorials are available in many shapes and sizes - see our catatlogue by clicking here.

We can advise you on Cemetery / Churchyard regulations when choosing your memorial.


During recent years, concerns have been raised over memorial Safety in cemeteries and churchyards, for this reason all headstones we fix are to NAMM (National Association of Memorial Masons) standards. We used an approved ground anchor fixing system to fix all upright memorials.

Additional Inscriptions

Whatever the lettering style or material of the existing memorial, we at Horobins have the in-house skills to replicate almost any inscription.

The normal process involves removing the memorial from the cemetery so that our craftsmen can work on the new inscription in our workshop. It is not always possible to remove the memorial due to size, position, or for any one of many reasons and in those circumstances we work on the memorial in-situ.


Memorials are made to be long lasting tributes to loved ones. But however over the course of time they can become dirty, lettering can become eroded, or the ground can become uneven. We renovate memorials to look as they did when first erected. We can clearn, re-guild, re-fix or level to BRAMM standards.

All memorial work carried out by us is complies to current BS8415 standards. Having your memorial professionally restored is an alternative to replacing it with a new one and by doing so you will be able to keep the original memorial.

In order to place memorial upon a grave or plot, the "exclusive rights of burial" MUST be purchased. The person who purchases the exclusive rights of burial of grave plot has the right to determine who will be buried therein and to arrange the placing of a memorial. The purchaser is not however buying the actual plot of land.


BRAMM Accredited

We are members of British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons.
You can be confident everything will be to your satisfaction.

Bespoke Memorials

All of our memorials are hand carved by skilled craftsmen who are able to create memorials of any design for you. Click here to see our catalogue.

Personalised Service

For those who prefer a more confidential/personal service, we can also arrange home visits.
Please call us on 01332 660 983.